A Requiem for Ahmaud Arbery

“It is disturbing that our nation has become comfortable with weekly broadcasts of black bodies falling to the ground. It’s become an unsolicited prime time series that we all hope and pray will be cancelled from the collective consciousness of America’s civic memory… The death of Ahmaud Arbery is not an anomaly but a historical pattern of behavior that binds every American to an unexamined history of our nation.” – Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III Continue reading A Requiem for Ahmaud Arbery

I Endorse Vermin Supreme

I was angry that they would make the Libertarian Party less respected by the establishment. The joke was on me though: they helped me realize that the establishment never would respect we heretics who stray outside of the two-party system. I was worried that my friends wouldn’t even consider voting for Vermin. The joke was on me though: many of my friends take the idea of Trump v. Biden far less seriously than they do Vermin’s candidacy. Most of all though, I was scared that Vermin and Spike didn’t actually stand for anything, that they were just here for the laughs and good times. The joke was on me though: these two fantastic men have built a campaign fueled by empathy, love, generosity, and goodwill. Now I’m proud to say that I and Heretic are in on the joke. Continue reading I Endorse Vermin Supreme

The Problem of Using the USSR to Condemn Socialism

Unfortunately, I believe that at the time of the Russian Revolution, there were (and still are) very few ideologies that didn’t see violence as an acceptable means to an end. That includes most of the 18/1900s socialist revolutionaries. I think there were a lot of those socialists who viewed violence as an acceptable means of revolution (unlike thinkers such as Tolstoy and Orwell) but who did not see intentional, ongoing systemic violence to maintain said revolution as a good thing (unlike statists such as Lenin, Stalin, et al.). Continue reading The Problem of Using the USSR to Condemn Socialism

Thank You, George – Lessons from Star Wars

Today is the 76th birthday of American filmmaker and storyteller, George Lucas. Yes, the George Lucas. The creator of Star Wars. The perfecter of Sci-Fi. The apostle of space opera. As you may have gathered, I am a Star Wars fan. No, who am I kidding – I’m an obsessive Star Wars fanatic. I love the story, I love the characters, I love the worlds. But I won’t bore you with an outpouring of obscure Skywalker trivia or reflections on the Battle of Crait. For Lucas’s birthday though, I want to briefly go over 5 reasons why I love the franchise – and why you should too. Continue reading Thank You, George – Lessons from Star Wars

The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 3

Look back through history. Often times it easy to focus on the bad – the wars, the disasters, the plagues, the genocides, etc. But for now, let’s focus on the overlap of the good and the political. Think of one positive political change, preferably one that has happened during your lifetime. Once you have that change in mind, expand on it: think about all the individuals, groups, events, and processes that were involved in making that change go from a dream to a reality. I’m almost one-hundred percent certain that you’re list will be long and never fully complete. Continue reading The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 3

Make No Mistake, this Pandemic is Apocalyptic

Earlier this month, while millions of Jews and Christians around the world recounted the Passover story from Exodus, the Mosaic account of the ten plagues on Egypt likely no longer seems just like some distant, ancient world mythological story. Our modern plague of COVID-19 is almost certainly not as deadly as those, but it’s nothing to underestimate. Over the past couple of months, we’ve all be subjected to now-familiar stories of exhausted nurses, inadequate supplies, and daily deaths. We’re all well aware of the devastation and fear that this virus has spread through urban areas, prisons, and poorer areas/countries that lack healthcare resources and infrastructure comparable to many “first-world” nations. Continue reading Make No Mistake, this Pandemic is Apocalyptic

There is a Reason that Liberty is a Woman

I hate to make this pitch as a man, but if you’re a woman, I really hope you’ll consider joining the liberty movement today. On one side, there’s Trump. All we really need to do is talk about the obvious. “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. … Continue reading There is a Reason that Liberty is a Woman