Does America Have a Race Issue? Pt 2.

In part one I made the claim that racist individuals exist, and that very little could be done to combat this. I argued that the solution lies in limiting our ever-expanding government. I believe both points to be true, however I must admit it is slightly unfair for me to place all the blame on the government and their operating agencies. After all, government is nothing more than a slightly skewed reflection of ourselves. Looking inward at ourselves, we see a host of problems that arise on a national level and disproportionately affect racial minorities. Continue reading Does America Have a Race Issue? Pt 2.

Bookshelf Rearranging

Recently I took advantage of some quarantine free time to rearrange a couple of my bookshelves (full disclosure, I was somewhat motivated to do this by Hillary Clinton’s recollection of Bill’s habitual book reorganizing in What Happened). While I was doing this, I came across several books that I believe are wholly excellent and worth reading, and wanted to give a few of them a brief shout-out. Continue reading Bookshelf Rearranging