Free Will-y?

I won’t sit here and pretend to be privy to some secret cosmological truth after just two semesters of college. Better men than me have spent their entire lives pondering, only to leave this planet just as confused, if not more, than when they entered. A theory of everything would shake the foundations of my beliefs, no doubt, but I must admit I would commit my life and career to searching for such a theory if given the chance. Maybe this suggests that I would make a bad scientist, or perhaps that I am a bad Christian. Though I have no solid answers, what I do have is a head full of questions. Continue reading Free Will-y?

The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 3

Look back through history. Often times it easy to focus on the bad – the wars, the disasters, the plagues, the genocides, etc. But for now, let’s focus on the overlap of the good and the political. Think of one positive political change, preferably one that has happened during your lifetime. Once you have that change in mind, expand on it: think about all the individuals, groups, events, and processes that were involved in making that change go from a dream to a reality. I’m almost one-hundred percent certain that you’re list will be long and never fully complete. Continue reading The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 3

The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 2

Not all debts are financial, but all debts are moral issues complete with ethical (and religious/spiritual) implications and considerations. To view the very idea of debt as something that can be solely isolated to the physical realm is wrong, because debt (of any type and any amount) creates and sustains a power dynamic between moral agents. Just as it is dangerous to over-spiritualize the idea of Jubilee, it’s equally dangerous to over-materialize the concept of debt. Continue reading The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 2

The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 1

The ministry of Jesus as recorded in the Christian Gospels was full-to-the-brim with Jesus challenging the presumed authorities of those with power in His society. Jesus was not afraid to confront and disregard the authority of everyone from the orthodox religious leaders, to the elite financial figures of Palestine, or even the whole Roman Empire itself. Continue reading The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 1

Bookshelf Rearranging

Recently I took advantage of some quarantine free time to rearrange a couple of my bookshelves (full disclosure, I was somewhat motivated to do this by Hillary Clinton’s recollection of Bill’s habitual book reorganizing in What Happened). While I was doing this, I came across several books that I believe are wholly excellent and worth reading, and wanted to give a few of them a brief shout-out. Continue reading Bookshelf Rearranging