A Post-COVID-19 America

It is impossible to predict when exactly American life will return to normal, if ever at all. The virus has exposed serious weaknesses in our government’s ability to respond to such a disaster and Americans have been forced to re-evaluate their values and priorities. Eventually travel and business restrictions will be lifted, however, it seems obvious that both the free market and legislators must seriously consider how to prevent and prepare for the next viral outbreak or general disaster. Where capital is invested in the future will be a hot topic of conversation once the smoke clears. How employers operate and consumers purchase will also change. Continue reading A Post-COVID-19 America

Capitalism and Socialism are Both Dead

I could write volumes about economics. Reading economics textbooks and theories has enraptured my mind and filled my spare time for the past few years. Many models come and go, but there are, undeniably, two major players on the stage today: Capitalism and Socialism. And both actors are quite dead. It breaks my heart to say such a thing about either one. This title is … Continue reading Capitalism and Socialism are Both Dead

It’s Time to Bring Compassion to Capitalism

Let’s not mince words here: America, as well as every country on earth, is far closer to being socialist than capitalist. It’s not particularly close. The real question capitalists should ask themselves is how it got to be this way. And the answer does not lie with the tenacity of the socialists, but the anger from themselves. The evidence of government-run socialism’s harm to the … Continue reading It’s Time to Bring Compassion to Capitalism