BLM at Six Years

Six years ago today, Eric Garner was brutally murdered by NYPD cops. Many people agree that the murder of Garner and the protests that rose up around the country (and the world) immediately afterwords marks the unofficial start of the modern Black Lives Matter movement. Continue reading BLM at Six Years

Does America Have a Race Issue? Pt 2.

In part one I made the claim that racist individuals exist, and that very little could be done to combat this. I argued that the solution lies in limiting our ever-expanding government. I believe both points to be true, however I must admit it is slightly unfair for me to place all the blame on the government and their operating agencies. After all, government is nothing more than a slightly skewed reflection of ourselves. Looking inward at ourselves, we see a host of problems that arise on a national level and disproportionately affect racial minorities. Continue reading Does America Have a Race Issue? Pt 2.

Why We Have to Talk About Race and Cancer

I ‘m very sympathetic to the idea of just dropping the conversation about race entirely. After all, it was an amazing vision that Martin Luther King Jr had when he conjectured, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” And while … Continue reading Why We Have to Talk About Race and Cancer

The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 5

This was not a planned part of my series on Jubilee economics, but given the way that systemic racism has once again reared its ugly head in America over the past few weeks, I felt like there was no way for me to ethically avoid discussing the connection between debt and racial injustice. Specifically, I want to take a look at student debt, and the way that it hinders economic progress and reinforces racial wealth inequality. Continue reading The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 5

In Defense of the Term “White Privilege”

If you ever want to shock a room full of white libertarians or conservatives into a frenzy, just use the phrase “white privilege” unironically. For those who have based their entire identities and ideologies in a radical (to the point of irrational) individualism, the very notion that not everything that’s gone well in life is due to their merit or work is repugnant, and that reasonable notion is at the core of what white privilege is. Continue reading In Defense of the Term “White Privilege”