Go to (your couch for) Church!

Since early March, my wife and I’s local church (like all other sane congregations) has cancelled in-person services in favor of online times of worship. These streamed services still take place during the same time (Sunday at 10am) and largely follow the same pattern (opening song, welcome statement, announcements, children’s time, liturgy, etc.). Continue reading Go to (your couch for) Church!

Getting Through COVID-19, Together | pt. 12

As the time spent social distancing and self-quarantining stretch on and begin to be measure in weeks – even months – rather than days, the temptation to give up on these tactics and return to your “normal” life will grow and grow. I know I’m feeling the itch to leave the house and hang out with friends and and visit family, and my area of the country hasn’t been experiencing this isolation for nearly as long as other areas. Continue reading Getting Through COVID-19, Together | pt. 12