Does America Have a Race Issue? Pt 2.

In part one I made the claim that racist individuals exist, and that very little could be done to combat this. I argued that the solution lies in limiting our ever-expanding government. I believe both points to be true, however I must admit it is slightly unfair for me to place all the blame on the government and their operating agencies. After all, government is nothing more than a slightly skewed reflection of ourselves. Looking inward at ourselves, we see a host of problems that arise on a national level and disproportionately affect racial minorities. Continue reading Does America Have a Race Issue? Pt 2.

The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 4

300 people have more wealth than all the other inhabitants of China, India, the U.S., and Brazil combined? How can this be? And how have so many of us accepted this state of inequality as normal, and even as right and morally justified? Continue reading The Case for Jubilee Economics | pt. 4

What is More Scarce than Our Planet?

For those unfamiliar with the economic concept of scarcity, the most simple way I can put it is this: it is the historical idea that there is an unbridgeable gap between limited resources and abundant needs. Now, I’ll leave the discussion of whether or not this idea should be taken seriously or not for another day. For now, I just want to briefly look at how the ideology of scarcity has been leveraged to make us do awful things to each other: to compete rather than cooperate, to hoard land and other resources (even those as basic as toilet paper), to be willing to fight wars over material things, to seek domination and power over others rather than fostering our collective capacity to care for each other. Continue reading What is More Scarce than Our Planet?

Bringing in the Bernie Bros

Let me get this out of the way: I can’t stand Bernie Sanders. He’s inauthentic about his wealth, he didn’t apologize to the women sexually assaulted during his campaign until he decided he wanted to run for president again, and he’s frequently supported expanding government at the expense of American lives, freedom, and rights. That being said, it’s time to recruit his followers for liberty. … Continue reading Bringing in the Bernie Bros

Capitalism and Socialism are Both Dead

I could write volumes about economics. Reading economics textbooks and theories has enraptured my mind and filled my spare time for the past few years. Many models come and go, but there are, undeniably, two major players on the stage today: Capitalism and Socialism. And both actors are quite dead. It breaks my heart to say such a thing about either one. This title is … Continue reading Capitalism and Socialism are Both Dead

Racism and Sexism Suffer Another Market Defeat

It’s not a radical boast to say that racism has been losing steam. White nationalism is rightly and frequently taken to task. Just a mere decade ago, moronic statements from these lunatics were usually accompanied by some kind of explanation as to why the quote in question was foolish. Now, they can be presented without comment and the person making the statement will possibly find … Continue reading Racism and Sexism Suffer Another Market Defeat