BLM at Six Years

Six years ago today, Eric Garner was brutally murdered by NYPD cops. Many people agree that the murder of Garner and the protests that rose up around the country (and the world) immediately afterwords marks the unofficial start of the modern Black Lives Matter movement. Continue reading BLM at Six Years

Straight from the Horses Mouth: A Look at How Cops in America Think

I would like to give you a little insight as to what is going on in police officer’s minds (at least the good ones). I will not name names or departments but here is a summarized version of a pretty productive conversation me and a police officer had. Continue reading Straight from the Horses Mouth: A Look at How Cops in America Think

A Resistance Fighter, On Screen and Off

Like the character Finn who he played in the three latest episodic Star Wars movies, Boyega is not afraid to stand up for his beliefs. Like Finn, Boyega is willing to speak truth to power. In a world where the president is actively quoting segregationist sheriffs on Twitter, public figures boldly and unapologetically stomping down hateful ideologies is crucial for those who are still learning about the world and developing their moral codes. Continue reading A Resistance Fighter, On Screen and Off

The Importance of Solidarity & #BlackOutTuesday

On Tuesday, June 2, the hashtag #BlackOutTuesday flooded Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Millions of users on these social media platforms changed their profile pictures to simple black squares. In fact, when I logged on to Instagram in the morning, I had to scroll for over a minute before anything but a wall of black appeared in my feed (other than a few ads and promoted posts). Continue reading The Importance of Solidarity & #BlackOutTuesday