A Post-COVID-19 America

It is impossible to predict when exactly American life will return to normal, if ever at all. The virus has exposed serious weaknesses in our government’s ability to respond to such a disaster and Americans have been forced to re-evaluate their values and priorities. Eventually travel and business restrictions will be lifted, however, it seems obvious that both the free market and legislators must seriously consider how to prevent and prepare for the next viral outbreak or general disaster. Where capital is invested in the future will be a hot topic of conversation once the smoke clears. How employers operate and consumers purchase will also change. Continue reading A Post-COVID-19 America

RIP, Yang 2020

Now, I’m not sure if I would have voted for him in in a general election (to be fair though, I’m not sure if I’ll ever vote for anyone in a presidential general election again), but I was all on board with his Democratic primary bid. With the exception of Tulsi Gabbard, he was the only Democratic candidate I was enthusiastic about and could support with a clear conscience. Continue reading RIP, Yang 2020