2020 Will Get Worse: The Election is a Looming Disaster

If you are thinking that surely we have seen the the worst that 2020 has to offer, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I ardently believe you are wrong. The November election is taking shape to be a storm that could easily make these other disasters and near-disasters pale in comparison. Continue reading 2020 Will Get Worse: The Election is a Looming Disaster

I Endorse Vermin Supreme

I was angry that they would make the Libertarian Party less respected by the establishment. The joke was on me though: they helped me realize that the establishment never would respect we heretics who stray outside of the two-party system. I was worried that my friends wouldn’t even consider voting for Vermin. The joke was on me though: many of my friends take the idea of Trump v. Biden far less seriously than they do Vermin’s candidacy. Most of all though, I was scared that Vermin and Spike didn’t actually stand for anything, that they were just here for the laughs and good times. The joke was on me though: these two fantastic men have built a campaign fueled by empathy, love, generosity, and goodwill. Now I’m proud to say that I and Heretic are in on the joke. Continue reading I Endorse Vermin Supreme

Bringing in the Bernie Bros

Let me get this out of the way: I can’t stand Bernie Sanders. He’s inauthentic about his wealth, he didn’t apologize to the women sexually assaulted during his campaign until he decided he wanted to run for president again, and he’s frequently supported expanding government at the expense of American lives, freedom, and rights. That being said, it’s time to recruit his followers for liberty. … Continue reading Bringing in the Bernie Bros

A Post-COVID-19 America

It is impossible to predict when exactly American life will return to normal, if ever at all. The virus has exposed serious weaknesses in our government’s ability to respond to such a disaster and Americans have been forced to re-evaluate their values and priorities. Eventually travel and business restrictions will be lifted, however, it seems obvious that both the free market and legislators must seriously consider how to prevent and prepare for the next viral outbreak or general disaster. Where capital is invested in the future will be a hot topic of conversation once the smoke clears. How employers operate and consumers purchase will also change. Continue reading A Post-COVID-19 America

Do You Want a House of Cards Election?

Is it absurd to think that some states might not certify results? Is it ridiculous to imagine Democratic swing-state governors and secretary of states refusing to certify results to deny Trump a clear victory? Is it absurd to think that a President who fancies himself a king might even postpone the election if it was looking like his defeat was likely? Continue reading Do You Want a House of Cards Election?