In Defense of the Term “White Privilege”

If you ever want to shock a room full of white libertarians or conservatives into a frenzy, just use the phrase “white privilege” unironically. For those who have based their entire identities and ideologies in a radical (to the point of irrational) individualism, the very notion that not everything that’s gone well in life is due to their merit or work is repugnant, and that reasonable notion is at the core of what white privilege is. Continue reading In Defense of the Term “White Privilege”

A Resistance Fighter, On Screen and Off

Like the character Finn who he played in the three latest episodic Star Wars movies, Boyega is not afraid to stand up for his beliefs. Like Finn, Boyega is willing to speak truth to power. In a world where the president is actively quoting segregationist sheriffs on Twitter, public figures boldly and unapologetically stomping down hateful ideologies is crucial for those who are still learning about the world and developing their moral codes. Continue reading A Resistance Fighter, On Screen and Off

The Importance of Solidarity & #BlackOutTuesday

On Tuesday, June 2, the hashtag #BlackOutTuesday flooded Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Millions of users on these social media platforms changed their profile pictures to simple black squares. In fact, when I logged on to Instagram in the morning, I had to scroll for over a minute before anything but a wall of black appeared in my feed (other than a few ads and promoted posts). Continue reading The Importance of Solidarity & #BlackOutTuesday

A Requiem for Ahmaud Arbery

“It is disturbing that our nation has become comfortable with weekly broadcasts of black bodies falling to the ground. It’s become an unsolicited prime time series that we all hope and pray will be cancelled from the collective consciousness of America’s civic memory… The death of Ahmaud Arbery is not an anomaly but a historical pattern of behavior that binds every American to an unexamined history of our nation.” – Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, III Continue reading A Requiem for Ahmaud Arbery

I Endorse Vermin Supreme

I was angry that they would make the Libertarian Party less respected by the establishment. The joke was on me though: they helped me realize that the establishment never would respect we heretics who stray outside of the two-party system. I was worried that my friends wouldn’t even consider voting for Vermin. The joke was on me though: many of my friends take the idea of Trump v. Biden far less seriously than they do Vermin’s candidacy. Most of all though, I was scared that Vermin and Spike didn’t actually stand for anything, that they were just here for the laughs and good times. The joke was on me though: these two fantastic men have built a campaign fueled by empathy, love, generosity, and goodwill. Now I’m proud to say that I and Heretic are in on the joke. Continue reading I Endorse Vermin Supreme