The South Will Not Rise Again: Good Riddance

I imagine that the mix of reactions we’re seeing to things like:

  • NASCAR banning confederate flags
  • Lady A removing “Antebellum” from their name
  • CSA statues being torn down

is the exact same mix of reactions that occurred back when casual use of the n-word started being shunned by a majority of people.

“What do you mean I shouldn’t [say n— / wave a racist flag]? It’s heritage, not hate!” Get over it. Social evolution is a good thing and refusing to memorialize the bad actors of history is not the same as erasing history. If you can’t remember historical figures and events without memorials and statues, then you need to work on your memorization skills. Or maybe you’re just severely lacking in that area.

(Besides, we all know the real Confederate flag is nothing but white anyways.)

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