We’ve Entered the Blogosphere

Hello there! If you’ve found yourself reading this, then you’re probably already familiar with our magazine, WAL Reader, and you know that it is a quarterly publication. While both I and the magazine’s contributors feel that the quarterly pace gives us enough time to put out a product that we are all proud of, we also acknowledge that this means our magazine’s content is not always especially timely and maybe not even immediately relevant.

For that reason, we are starting this blog. Here, we will post reflections on the current news, announcements about the magazine or the broader We Are Libertarians network, and probably some other things along the way. These posts will not be nearly the length of our typical articles, and will be geared towards quick and relevant reflections, observations, and ideas.

In addition to allowing WAL Reader to have more regular content delivery, I hope that this editor/contributor blog will also help build up our engagement with you all, our readers.

If you have a particular topic you’d like us to talk about either here or in the magazine, please let us know. Likewise, if you would like to contribute yourself to WAL Reader, please visit our Submissions page.

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